Just How Useful are Facebook and LinkedIn?

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Now that ADL310 has given us nearly a week to test out Facebook and LinkedIn, I’ve come to some conclusions about how each site can help me reach my professional, personal and business goals.

Here’s a breakdown of each of those topics:


  • Personal use: Logging on to Facebook is the easiest way for me to see what my friends and family are up to. It provides me with details about their lives that I likely wouldn’t be able to access simply because there just isn’t enough time to catch up with that many people.
  • Professional use: Because I’m in the field of recruitment communications, it’s pretty much mandatory that I am in some way involved with Facebook. Since prospective students live online, Facebook offers a great way to interact with, and market to, my audience in a way that other forms of communication don’t allow (such as email).
  • Business use: If I owned a business, I would definitely set up a Facebook page to promote my activities and products. As a free way to market services, it’s a great tool to use. And it’s also a good platform that you can use to engage in paid promotional activities, especially if your business is part of a niche market.


  • Personal use: I really can’t see the value in using LinkedIn for personal reasons.  While I do realize that you can use LinkedIn to keep in touch with former colleagues (which could be considered a personal reason…unless you were contacting them to achieve professional/business goals), the only reason I see value in using LinkedIn is to help further my professional goals. I’m of the opinion that if my colleagues were also my friends, I would keep in contact with them through other means (such as email and texting).
  • Professional use: Out of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn really is the best one to use to further your career goals. I created my account during my most recent job search because I heard it was a useful site, and I know of a few people who have been headhunted via their profiles. Although I haven’t put a lot of effort into creating my profile, I do intend to spend more time learning about what the site has to offer.
  • Business use: As with Facebook, I can see how LinkedIn would be a very useful tool to use if you owned a business or were creating a personal brand. Answering questions and joining groups would be effective ways to get your name and your skills noticed, and that could help attract new clients.

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